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γδ T Cell Therapy Development for Melanoma

γδ T Cell Therapy Development for Melanoma

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As a well-established company in the bio-industry, Creative Biolabs offers quality gamma delta (γδ) T cell development services for research. γδ T cell therapy is guaranteed to perform within the specified time frame, and always maintained to the end with good quality. Our laboratory services are supported by many advanced chemical and biological technologies to meet customer’s needs in the fast-growing field of T cell therapy research.

Introduction to Melanoma

Melanoma is a common type of skin cancer that often occurs in the melanocytes. Previous studies have shown that the unlimited differentiation of melanocytes caused by genetic variations can trigger the occurrence and progression of melanoma in humans. In the past few years of studies, melanomas have been found in most of the human body, including but not limited to, chest, skin, legs, eyes, the face, or even the intestines.

Meanwhile, wide arrays of risk factors, such as sunburn, UV radiation, unusual moles, and immune deficiency, have been demonstrated to be associated with melanoma development in humans. Moreover, pilot studies have revealed that melanoma can easily spread to other organs and is hard to treat or cure at the intermediate and the terminal stages. Therefore, melanomas have been regarded as the most serious type of tumors in skin cancers. Till now, a number of methods have been generated for preventing and treating melanomas in different populations. Among them, immunotherapy and targeted therapy based on various T cells have been broadly used in many preclinical and clinical trials.

γδ T Cell for Melanoma Treatment

γδ T cells are a group of T cells that can interact with a specific T-cell receptor (TCR) containing a γ-chain and a δ-chain. γδ T cells can only be found in several portions of the human tissues, such as lung, skin, gut, as well as uterus. Many reports have demonstrated that γδ T cells do not appear to require major histocompatibility complex (MHC) peptide for epitopes presentation and recognize lipid antigens compared to alpha-beta (αβ) T cells. Moreover, γδ T cells play an important role in activating innate and adaptive immune responses against various cancers, especially for melanomas. In recent studies, the data have suggested that γδ T cells can recognize and kill melanomas by presenting cellular cytotoxicity. Furthermore, the upregulation expression level of NKG2D ligands, MICA/B, and ULBPs on different melanoma cell lines can improve tumor-killing ability and exert more functions of γδ T cells. As a consequence, γδ T cells may represent an attractive tool for the design of innovative cell immunotherapy in patients with melanoma.

Schematic representation of the main preclinical and clinical research lines on γδ T cell-based immunotherapy in melanoma. Fig.1 Schematic representation of the main preclinical and clinical research lines on γδ T cell-based immunotherapy in melanoma. (Toia, 2019)

Nowadays, Creative Biolabs has established a panel of platforms for identifying the mechanism of γδ T cells and developing new γδ T cell-based immunotherapy strategies for melanoma treatment. Equipped with many advanced technologies, we can provide a seamless γδ T cell therapy discovery service chain, ranging from γδ T cell markers identification, γδ T cell-based pathway analysis, γδ T cell therapy strategy design, to the efficacy evaluation of new γδ T cell therapy. Currently, a wide variety of γδ T cells stimulation systems have been established for inducing durable responses against melanomas in future clinical trials. Besides, tumor microenvironment and immune checkpoints have also been treated as a target for enhancing the performance of γδ T cell-based immunotherapy in clinical use.

Cheif Services

  • γδ T cells functional evaluation
  • γδ T cell therapy design
  • γδ T cell response testing
  • The safety assessment of γδ T cell therapy
  • Antitumor effects evaluation

Creative Biolabs has built a team of experienced scientists with facilities to provide the best strategy and protocols customized to γδ T cell-based immunotherapy services. Currently, we have accomplished a series of projects for designing new γδ T cell therapies and have provided scientific guidance and advice to our clients. By constantly sharing new insights and collecting more data, we can tailor our services to the specific requirements of our customers. If you have any special needs in our target discovery services, please feel free to contact us for more details.


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