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γδ T Cell Therapy Development Services for Autoimmune Diseases

γδ T Cell Therapy Development Services for Autoimmune Diseases

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Autoimmunity and Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmunity is a condition in which the immune system responds to and attacks self-antigens or self healthy cells and tissues. Autoimmunity to self-antigens or a low level of autoimmunity is considered to be beneficial and important to self-defense mechanisms and immune surveillance. However, an aberrant autoimmune response that the immune system attacks and damages healthy body tissues or organs by mistake can result in a series of autoimmune diseases. The pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases is extremely sophisticated, which is closely related to immune dysregulation involving a breach of autoantibodies and autoreactive T cells.

γδ T Cell in Autoimmune Diseases

Human γδ T cell, a minor and critical population of the immune system, is a subset of T lymphocytes with a distinctive γδ T-cell receptor (TCR) on the surface. γδ T cell exhibits a wide range of biological functions, by which γδ T cell is principally grouped into regulatory γδ T cell (γδ Treg cell) and effector γδ T cell. γδ Treg cells are further divided into interleukin-17 producing γδ T cells (γδ T17 cells), interferon-γ producing γδ T cells (IFN-γ+ δ T cells), and other functional γδ T cells.

The roles of γδ T cells in autoimmune diseases are not so clear, but numbers of studies have indicated that γδ T cells, especially γδ T17 cells, played a considerable role in the regulation and progression of autoimmune diseases. (i) The γδ T17 cells produce IL-17; (ii) the activated γδ T cells also function as antigen-presenting cells providing help to B cells in autoantibodies production, (iii) other pro-inflammatory chemokines and immunomodulatory properties, all of which demonstrated a close association of γδ T cells with autoimmune pathogenesis.

Multifunctionality of γδ T17 cells in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Fig.1 Multifunctionality of γδ T17 cells in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. (Papotto, 2018)

γδ T Cell Therapy Development Services for Autoimmune Diseases

Different from other diseases, such as tumors, infections, neurological diseases, in which γδ T cells provide positive protection for the body or a favorable therapeutic effect on diseases treatment, whereas, γδ T17 cells contribute to the pathogenesis and development of autoimmune diseases. These possible pathological mechanisms of autoimmune diseases caused by γδ T17 cells provide important hints that γδ T cells are potential targets for the autoimmune disease cellular immunotherapy.

As a biotech company committed to human health improvement, Creative Biolabs was founded to spare no effort in providing comprehensive γδ T cell therapy development support and services for the treatment of autoimmune diseases as follows:

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