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Gamma Delta T Cell

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Established in Shirley, New York, Creative Biolabs Inc. has been committed to providing the most comprehensive and the best products and services for novel drug discovery. Adhering to the concept of quality first and customer-centered principle, Creative Biolabs has been a totipotent bio-company as well as a reliable partner in immunotherapy and pharmaceuticals over the decades of exploration and expansion. As a globally recognized expert, we possess absolute advantages in advancing your research and programs:

  • Talented and specialized scientists located in different continents working closely with clients to provide in-depth scientific & technical support;

  • Streamlined services from consultation and project design, to product production and data interpretation;

  • The abundant experience accumulated from innumerable projects to ensure reproducible results and timeliness of delivery.

About γδ T Cell Therapy Development Service

T cell therapy has made great achievements in human disease treatment, especially in tumors and cancers, owing to the cellular immunity and excellent cytotoxicity of T cells. Recently, a subgroup of ‘unconventional’ T cells, γδ T cells, has attracted considerable attention from many professional personages in the field of immunotherapy.

According to the composition of T cell receptor (TCR) expressed on the surface, T lymphocytes are principally divided into αβ T cells and γδ T cells. γδ T cell represents a relatively minor population, about 1–5% of T lymphocytes in the peripheral blood. This small subgroup of γδ T cells is characterized by the distinct TCR comprising of γ and δ chains on their surface, which was originally found in the 1980s. γδ T cells bridge innate and adaptive immunity and play important roles in various immune responses. Compared with common αβ T cells, γδ T cells

  • Bind to antigens without the presence of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules;

  • Directly target infected cells or tumor cells by their cytotoxic activity through several biological axes;

  • Recognize a broad range of structurally different antigens or ligands, covering peptidic/non-peptidic antigens, MHC/non-MHC cell surface molecules, phosphoantigens, and so forth.

These superiorities have endowed γδ T cell great potential in novel immunotherapy development. Currently, γδ T cell has been extensively researched and evaluated for the effective treatment of tumors, infections, and auto-immune disorders.

As an experienced expert in novel drug discovery, Creative Biolabs has actively built a team of expertise of solid knowledge of γδ T cell therapy to support and advance the γδ T cell therapy development. Added by state-of-the-art instruments and experienced Ph.D. level immune-specialists, we are capable of providing a series of qualified γδ T cell products and tailored services to meet the demands of global customers.