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γδ T Cell Engineering Services

γδ T Cell Engineering Services

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Gamma delta (γδ) T cells have shown promising treatment for infectious diseases and certain types of cancers. As one of the top CRO companies in the field of γδ T cell therapy development for disease therapy, Creative Biolabs has focused on γδ T cell engineering services for years and has accomplished numerous challenging projects in this field. Equipped with deep knowledge and experience in γδ T cell design, we can offer high-quality custom γδ T cell solutions for our valued clients.

Introduction to γδ T Cell Engineering

γδ T cells are a small group of T cells that play a significant role in regulating innate and adaptive immunity against various infections and diseases, such as malignant tumors. Meanwhile, many reports have shown that γδ T cells can facilitate the process of tissue homeostasis, wound healing, as well as cancer immunosurveillance. Besides, γδ T cells share similar surface receptors with natural killer (NK) cells. For example, an NK cell surface receptor, NKG2D, has proven its promising role in activating cytotoxic immune responses of γδ T cells to kill tumors. Also, a wide variety of cell surface receptor ligands or binding proteins, including MICA, MICB, ULBPs, can strongly enhance the protective effects of γδ T cells on cancer models. As a consequence, many efforts have been made to further explore the biology of γδ T cells and their potential for multiple clinical applications. Up to now, γδ T cells have been regarded as a perfect candidate for cancer immunotherapy.

Antigen Receptors Used for T Cell Engineering. Fig.1 Antigen Receptors Used for T Cell Engineering. (Themeli, 2015)

γδ T Cell Engineering Services

Currently, T cell therapy has been considered the most significant therapeutic advance in a generation. To develop a new class of γδ T cell-based therapy, Creative Biolabs offers one-stop γδ T cell engineering solutions which are based in America and span the entire development chain from discovery to commercialization. Our platform is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and highly experienced staff are available to assist in all areas of γδ T cell engineering projects, including but not limited to:

CAR Engineered γδ T Cell Development Services

Recent studies have demonstrated that chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) γδ T cells are a powerful tool for adoptive T cell cancer immunotherapy. Moreover, pilot studies have shown that engineered γδ T cells can rapidly respond to target cells and secrete cytokines to acquire antitumor activity. Therefore, Creative Biolabs has developed a novel CAR engineered γδ T cell development platform to design new γδ CAR-T cells for improving the efficacy of conventional αβ CAR-T cells in many types of cancer treatments.

αβ TCR-Engineered γδ T Cells Development Services

Previous studies have indicated that TCR αβ gene delivery may lead to the mispairing of the endogenous α and β chains. These mixed TCRs may have harmful autoreactive properties and become the main cause of various diseases. The most effective solution to this issue is to transfer the αβ T cell receptor to γδ T cells and thus generating functional effector cells to avoid potential TCR mispairing. In Creative Biolabs, we have investigated αβ TCR-transduced γδ T cells have potent anti-tumor activity and produce a diversity of cytokines, such as interleukin-4, in transferred CD4 or CD8 molecules.

Drug-Resistant Engineered γδ T Cells Development Services

In the past few years, many scientists have devoted themselves to generating novel treatment strategies for high-grade brain tumors. However, most methods of immunotherapy have been failed when applied to clinical use. To solve this problem, our expert team has designed a series of drug-resistant engineered γδ T cells to kill tumor cells by recognizing NKG2D ligands. The method combines classical treatments and γδ T cell-based drug-resistant cell therapy, thus creating a well-mature technology to treat solid tumors.

Bispecific γδ T Cell Antibody Development Services

Creative Biolabs can provide a panel of bispecific γδ T cell antibody development services to enhance immune responses to treat human diseases, especially for cancers. Bispecific γδ T cell antibody is designed by using genetic modification and chemical conjugation techniques to bind two different epitopes or antigens with one molecule. Our bispecific γδ T cell antibodies can provide high binding specificity and directly target tumor cell lines to further enhance the anti-tumor activity.

Engineered γδ T-APC Development Services

Nowadays, Creative Biolabs offers a wide array of γδ T-APC discovery services to design new types of γδ T cells with antigen-presentation functions. In principle, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of cancer patients will be stimulated by zoledronate, IL-2 or IL-15, and cultured for 14 days to activate to γδ T-cell immune responses. These expanded γδ T cells are co-cultured with specific tumor antigens, and the mixture will be isolated and enriched by magnetic beads before treatment.

γδ T cell Hybridomas Development Services

In Creative Biolabs, our integrated team has produced several γδ T cell hybridoma lines for studying the function of T-cell receptors (TCRs), the mechanisms of cell death, and cytokine production. In general, our methods for γδ T cell hybridoma are established by fusing IL-2-dependent, long-term T cell receptor (TCR), with a stable γδ T cell line. In addition, some key fusions elements have been strictly selected to ensure long-term stability and maintenance of cell lines.

As a leader in the field of engineered γδ T cells, Creative Biolabs has built a team of experienced scientists with facilities and processes designed specifically to provide the best-customized engineered γδ T cells to suit the antigen targets of your projects. We have completed a series of challenges in the past years. In particular, we have established an advanced γδ T cell-based immunotherapy discovery platform which enables us to offer a series of high-quality products for the diagnosis of a full range of diseases. If you are interested in our services, please contact us or send us an inquiry.


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