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γδ T Cell Service

γδ T Cell Production Services

γδ T Cell Production Services

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The functions performed by γδ T cells are interestingly wide such as cytolysis, immunoglobulin-E (IgE) induction, antigen presentation, and production of growth factors. Based on the important role of this cell in immunology, Creative Biolabs provides services for immunology researchers in terms of γδ T cell production.

T Cells and Disease Treatment

  • Targeting malignant cells by expanding and infusing donor T lymphocytes into acute myelocytic leukemia (AML) patients has become one of the most promising treatments.
  • Transgenic expression of antigen-specific T-cell receptor (TCR) genes is a promising approach for immunotherapy against infectious diseases and cancers.

Our Services

Many previous studies have shown that γδ T cells play a role in disease treatment. With the deepening of research, other functions of γδ T cells will appear. We know that the research of γδ T cell is an enduring hot spot. Our company provides quality standard γδ T cell production services for global customers.


  • A Large-Scale Production of γδ TCR Engineered T Cells
  • To meet the needs of global customers, Creative Biolabs has built a standard large-scale manufacturing process. We have modified the cell culturing platform, and the cell separation system. We used cell culturing bags and a GMP-compliant cell separation system that allowed us to handle a higher number of T cells.

    Upscaling experiment from a small-scale to a large-scale production protocol for γδ TCR engineered T cells. Fig.2 Upscaling experiment from a small-scale to a large-scale production protocol for γδ TCR engineered T cells. (Santos, 2015)

  • Enzyme-Linked Immunospot (ELISpot) Assay
  • With the deepening of T cell research, more and more detection methods have been applied to T cell research. ELISpot analysis makes it possible to detect specific antibody-secreting cells and CK secreting cells in vitro. We provide the most professional ELISpot operation service and data analysis service. We can also help customers design experiments that meet your needs.

Flow cytometry (FCM)

FCM is widely used in immunology research. It has many advantages, such as fast speed, high precision and good accuracy. Creative Biolabs provides the most rigorous operation guidance for FCM test.

Creative Biolabs will work with you at all stages of the γδ production process from the initiation of your project to the large-scale production. Our staff has the operational grit and scientific background that you need for your success. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.


  1. Santos, J. M. Towards GMP production of γð TCR engineered T cells. 2015.
All listed services and products are for research use only. Do not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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