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γδ TCR Service

γδ TCR Transcriptome Analysis Services

γδ TCR Transcriptome Analysis Services

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Creative Biolabs is a global company that focuses on gamma delta (γδ) T cell therapy discovery and development. With our extensive experience and advanced platform, we can provide a series of γδ T cell receptor (TCR)-based transcriptome analysis services basing on a wide variety of state-of-art technologies. We are proud to partner with our clients on the journey of bringing new γδ T cell therapy to the clinical application.

Introduction to γδ TCR Transcriptome

γδ T cells are a class of T cells that play a significant role in mediating innate immune responses against various human diseases, especially for malignant tumors. γδ T cells have been considered as precursors to αβ T cells that consist of unique TCRs. In particular, γδ T cells can recognize specific antigens in the absence of the MHC antigen presentation process. γδ T cells are mainly found in the gut and epithelial mucosa, but only a few of them exist in the circulating T cells in adult humans.

Although much evidence has indicated that γδ T cells are essential to the immunity, their roles in different species are still unclear. As a result, a wide variety of systems have been generated and used to analyze γδ TCR by the adjustment of certain parameters. Normally, the phenotypic property and function of γδ T cells can be distinguished by their corresponding TCR genes and the expression of differentiation-related molecules. In the past few years of studies, the gene transcriptional profiling of γδ TCR has become a popular method for identifying the conservation of γδ T cells, screening γδ T cell subsets from different samples, as well as determining the functions of γδ T cells.

Genomics tools used to study immune cell function. Fig.1 Genomics tools used to study immune cell function. (Hedges, 2003)

Our Platform for γδ TCR Transcriptome Analysis

In recent years, γδ T cells have been regarded as an attractive tool for the development of a new class of T cell therapy in treating a diversity of human diseases. However, the underlying diverse roles and the potential mechanism of γδ T cells in disease development still need to be further analyzed. Therefore, a wide array of genomics techniques have been established for rapidly comparing the expression differences between rare γδ TCR subsets.

As a professional expert in the field of γδ TCR study and γδ T cell therapy development, Creative Biolabs offers a well-mature γδ TCR transcriptome analysis platform for our clients, to design suitable detection systems, to determine the transcriptional level, and to obtain precise data for helping the generation of γδ T cell therapies. Up to now, a number of genomic strategies, including but not limited to, reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), microarray assays, and RNase protection assays, have been broadly used for analyzing transcription profiles of γδ TCR in different cell lines, tissue, or blood samples. In our microarray assays, total mRNA will be fluorescently labeled and fixed into a microchip with cDNAs or oligonucleotides. The mRNA expression level of different cell populations or treatments will be further detected.

Besides, a novel genomic technique, serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE), has recently been applied to study γδ TCR in the murine and human systems. SAGE is designed by using a series of 14bp tags derived from the 3’ terminal of each mRNA of γδ TCR in different cell subpopulations. All these tags will be sequenced and determined by comparison to our large sequence libraries. The data have suggested that these arrays are highly sensitive and cost-effective methods for testing the transcriptional trends in specific γδ T cell subsets.

By continuing to grow in response to the requirements of our clients, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to generating novel γδ T cell therapy and offering the most comprehensive, integrated portfolio of γδ TCR transcriptome analysis products and solutions. Nowadays, we can also tailor our services to the specific requirements of our customers. If you have already performed a part of the γδ TCR transcriptome analysis in your lab, we can also integrate our procedures into your workflow. For additional details on our integrative γδ TCR transcriptome analysis services, please for free to contact us or send us an inquiry.


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All listed services and products are for research use only. Do not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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