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γδ T Cell Therapy Development for Bladder Cancer

γδ T Cell Therapy Development for Bladder Cancer

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Gamma-delta (γδ) T cells are currently gaining considerable attention in cancer immunosurveillance and malignancy therapies. They are a unique subset of T cells with unique features of innate and adaptive immunity. With access to advanced instruments, fit-for-purpose laboratories, and professional knowledge, Creative Biolabs is committed to the development, transformation and promotion of breakthrough γδ T cell-based immunotherapies. Our stand-alone service or executing project in an integrated manner is available for your flexible choice.

Advantages of γδ T Cells in Immunotherapy

Fig.1 Unconventional immunity provided by γδ T cells. (Eriksson, 2019)Fig.1 Unconventional immunity provided by γδ T cells. (Eriksson, 2019)

γδ T cells are defined by expression of γ and δ heterodimer of T cell receptor (TCR) chains (TCRγ/TCRδ) that directs intracellular signaling without the recognization of MHC molecule. Unlike Ag-specific αβ T cells, γδ T cells can kill tumor cells in a manner that does not require the recognition of tumor-specific Ags. They have shown significant advantages in cancer immunotherapy, including but not limited to the followings:

  1. γδ T cells play naturally cytotoxic roles via a number of different mechanisms.
  2. Through antigen presentation and cytokine/chemokine release, γδ T cells orchestrate downstream immune responses.
  3. γδ T cells are completely safe for healthy cells, even when introduced at very high numbers.
  4. γδ T cells directly lyse cancer cells through the perforin-granzyme pathway.
  5. γδ T cells are ideal candidates for allogeneic “off the shelf” therapies because they are not MHC-restricted and don’t cause graft versus host disease (GvHD).
  6. γδ T cells can be produced in large scale through GMP methods.

Application of γδ T Cells in Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is an uncontrolled abnormal growth and multiplication of cells in the urinary bladder with the symptoms of painless blood in the urine or frequent and painful urination. With the introduction of new immunotherapies, bladder cancer treatment is evolving rapidly. γδ T cells can produce inflammatory cytokines, directly lyse malignant cells, and establish a memory response to attack malignant cells, rendering them attractive for immunotherapy. But there is a disagreement about their roles in bladder cancer. Some scientists propose that γδ T cells (mainly γδ T17 cells) are associated with cancer progression and poor survival by inducing angiogenesis in the gallbladder tumor cells. However, some scientists claim that injecting γδ T cells intravesically can significantly prolong the survival of mouse models of bladder cancer, revealing their anti-tumorigenic role.

Services at Creative Biolabs

With proven expertise in immunotherapy development, Creative Biolabs provides a comprehensive range of customized, high-quality contract R&D services in γδ T cells development and engineering services to support the immunotherapy industry and related biomedical sciences research communities worldwide. We are committed to efficiency, confidentiality, and rapid, accurate service. We desire to work closely with our clients to achieve long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

γδ T Cell Therapy Development for Bladder Cancer
γδ T Cell Receptors Services

γδ TCRs are important in the recognition of antigen fragments and the use of cancer immunosurveillance. We provide γδ TCRs services, including but not limited to TCR repertoires analysis, TCR transcriptome analysis, TCR Generation, and TCR-ligand reaction analysis.

γδ T Cell Development Services

The development, selection, and peripheral localization of γδ T cells are less well characterized. To better understand this distinct subgroup of T cells, we provide comprehensive γδ T cells development services, such as isolation, activation and expansion, characterization, production, cytotoxicity test, etc.

γδ T Cell Engineering Services

Genetically engineered γδ T cells are powerful immunotherapy tools, offering hope for curative responses in patients with cancer. We provide a wide range of γδ T cell engineering services, including CAR engineered-, αβ TCR-engineered γδ T cell development, bispecific γδ T cell antibody development, γδ T cell hybridomas development, etc.

γδ T cell immunotherapy may accelerate the development of treatment strategies and clinical products of bladder cancer. As a leader in the research of γδ T cells and cancer immunotherapy, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to providing comprehensive γδ T cells development and engineering services. We can offer you the highest quality, accuracy and precision, and a fast turnaround to meet deadlines. If the above services do not meet your requirements, please contact us for your exclusive solution.


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