CAR Generation for Engineered γδ T Cell

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CAR-modified T cell immunotherapy is the most promising approach for cancer treatment in which T cells (such as γδ T cells) are driven to recognize tumor antigens and kill tumor cells. Compared to other therapies such as chemotherapy, CAR-T cell immunotherapy is more specific and less toxic to patients. CAR-modified T cells have shown to significantly eliminate a variety of tumors. Therefore, it is necessary to develop personal CAR-modified T cells for tumor treatment.

Equipped with rich expertise in CAR-γδ T cell immunotherapy and our advanced technological platform, Creative Biolabs is honored to offer custom CAR-engineering γδT development services, including designing and constructing CAR, CAR transduction, and validation of CAR γδ T cells. It is a very important step to design and construct CARs with high affinity and high activity, which determines the affinity and specificity of CAR-modified γδ T cells to target tumor cells. We also offer a variety of solutions for designing and constructing various types of CAR.

Introduction to CAR

CARs are also known as chimeric antigen receptors, chimeric T cell receptors or artificial T cell receptors. A CAR is composed of an extracellular antigen-binding domain that is most commonly a single-chain variable fragment (scFv), a hinge and spacer element, a transmembrane domain, and one or more intracellular signaling domains. First-generation CARs typically have a single intracellular signaling domain, CD3-ζ. Second-generation and third-generation CARs provide tailored signals by adding one or two costimulatory endodomains to the CD3-ζ motif to enhance activation and survival. CARs can be engineered to γδ T cells to enable them to achieve new abilities to bind a specific antigen protein and T-cell activating functions.

CARs. Fig.1 CARs. (Frey, 2016)

Design and Construction of CAR

  • Screening and Identification of Tumor-specific Antigens
  • Leveraging multiple gene and protein analysis technologies such as PCR, western blot, and NGS, we support the discovery of multiple potential cancer biomarkers, from which we can select the most suitable cancer antigens for developing CAR-γδ T therapy.

  • Generation of High-affinity ScFv
  • Based on powerful antibody discovery technologies including hybridomas and phage display, we can discover high-affinity and high-specific scFvs for the development of CAR-engineered γδ T cell.

  • Design and Construction of CAR
  • We provide the design and construction of various types of CAR including mono-scFv CAR, dual scFv CAR, tandem scFv CAR, first-generation CARs, second-generation CARs, and third-generation CARs. Besides, we also support customized lentiviral or retroviral CAR construction to meet your special purposes.

Creative Biolabs is your best partner in the field of CAR-engineered γδ T cell development. We provide comprehensive and incomparable CAR construct services. If you are interested in our CAR engineered γδ T cell development services, please feel free to contact us for more details.


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