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αβ TCR Transduction for Engineered γδ T Cell

αβ TCR Transduction for Engineered γδ T Cell

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With the development of tumor and other immunotherapy fields from repeated iterations to more creative solutions, γδ T cells may provide an attractive chassis to drive the anti-tumor response, which is not only broader, but also has a more favorable safety profile.


With innate immunity and adaptive immunity, γδ T cells are ideal candidates for cell engineering. With the increasingly busy field of immunotherapy such as cancer, it is necessary to use orthogonal method to promote progress. The engineering of alternative effector cell types such as γδ T cells represents such a method. γδ T cells can be modified by many techniques in αβ T cell engineering, which have the advantages of innate-like tumor recognition and killing. At present, many strategies for transfer between T cell receptor (TCR) and γδ T cell are developed.

Mechanism underlying γδ T cell recognition of nonpeptide antigens and clinical applications. Fig.1 Mechanism underlying γδ T cell recognition of nonpeptide antigens and clinical applications. (Wu, 2014)

αβ TCR Transduction for Engineered γδ T Cell Service

When engineering γδ T cells, it is very important to choose a suitable vector tool. Generally, long-acting transduction strategies that are effective for αβ T cells are also applicable to γδ T cells. As a leader in the field of immunotherapy genetic engineering T cells, Creative Biolabs provides gene transduction system services for the generation of TCR modified γδ T cells. With advanced technology and rich experience, we provide the most professional vector services for the most cutting-edge genetically modified immunotherapy.

  • Viral Vector System
  • At present, it is commonly used to transduce γδ T cells with γ-retroviral vectors. The advantage of γ-retroviral transduction is that a large number of high-titer viruses can be produced, because they can stably transfer packaging cell lines to produce viruses containing a construct of interest. In addition, lentiviral vectors with more secure insertion features are also on our list of services.

  • Non-Viral Vector System
  • Non-viral transduction methods also have special advantages in engineering transformation γδ T cells. We provide the Transposon system, which uses enzymes originally derived from fish to insert new genetic material into host cells. In order to perform gene transfer, cells must be electroporated, but no specific proliferation stimulation is required.

Features and Advantages

With the help of extensive expertise and state-of-the-art technology platforms, Creative Biolabs supports the development of engineered γδ T cells and gene therapy through a strategy based and consulting approach.

  • We provide highly efficient and multifunctional transfection agents suitable for many common cell types;
  • Our large-scale laboratory and equipment can execute a large number of experimental projects at the same time;
  • Our multi-disciplinary team will provide flexible solutions for your γδ T cell transduction strategy.

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  1. Wu, Y., et al. γδ T Cells and Their Potential for Immunotherapy. International Journal of Biological Sciences. 2014, 10(2): 119-135.
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